Redneck Swap Shop

Posted: June 24, 2011 in Humor

If you don’t know what a swap shop is then your in for a real treat. A swap shop is usually a giant indoor and outdoor flea market where people buy, trade, and sell items. In recent years many radio stations have been carrying a swap shop style programing where they advertise many things such as a free circus, amusement rides, video arcade, drive-in movies, as well as the buy, trade, and sell aspect. So I decided to put up a Redneck Swap Shop on my page as a service to the average consumer. If you have an item to buy, sell, or trade or a church event let me know so I can put it on the Swap Shop!

Redneck Swap Shop Items:

* Dozen aborted chickens for sale: $1.50. Comes in brown or white.
* 6 edible alarm clocks for sale. Alarm clocks sound just like a rooster.
* Free Organic Compost and Fertilizer. You supply the bucket and I will supply the compost within 10 minutes. Guaranteed Fresh from the source!
* Two self-propelled, automatic weed-eaters for sale. I call one Old Goat and the other Young Goat.

Instructions for a Redneck Treadmill

Go to yard sale and buy roller skates,walker & get cardboard from behind your local grocery store. Place cardboard on floor, put on skates, and grab walker. Now swish feet back and forth.
Redneck Sign of the Day:

Please be advised that in the event the sidewalks need to be repaired or replaced due to the weight of your date, you will be responsible for all cost incurred!

Redneck Sign of the Day:

If you are walking on a sidewalk, you’re out of your element.


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